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Health Sciences Department

Joseph Kikete
HoD, Health Sciences Department

This department boasts five distinct sections: Medical Laboratory Technology, Pharmacy, Nutrition and Dietetics, Health Records & Information Technology, and Community Health. Our core mandate is to provide high-quality education and training, preparing students for successful careers in the healthcare field. We are proud to have a team of dedicated, qualified, and experienced trainers who are passionate about helping students reach their full potential.

Programs and Training:

We offer 625 students specialized training in the following areas:

  1. Nutrition and Dietetics
  2. Medical Laboratory Technology
  3. Pharmaceutical Technology
  4. Health Records and Information Technology
  5. Community Health


    • Two study levels are available: Level 5 (Certificate) and Level 6 (Diploma). Medical Laboratory Technology and Pharmaceutical Technology only offer Level 6 programs.
    • We actively engage with the industry through curriculum development, academic trips, and internship placements. Additionally, we conduct regular curriculum reviews to ensure our programs meet the evolving needs of the industry and our stakeholders.
    • We emphasize practical, student-centered learning. This includes field trips to healthcare facilities like Vihiga and Kakamega County Referral Hospitals, as well as industry partners like Njoro Canning Factory. We also invite guest speakers from the field to share their expertise.

State-of-the-Art Facilities:

Our department is equipped with modern equipment, allowing us to provide cutting-edge training and produce highly skilled graduates who are in demand in research and health sectors across the nation, region, and even worldwide.

Program Details:

Level 6 Programmes:

    • Pharmaceutical Technology: equips students with skills in drug manufacturing, packaging, counseling, and pharmaceutical manufacturing. (3 years, full-time)
    • Medical Laboratory Technology: prepares students for careers in hospital laboratories, research institutions, and other clinical settings. (3 years, full-time)

Level 5 and Level 6 Programmes:

    • Nutrition and Dietetics: trains students to assess nutritional needs, develop care plans, manage meals, and work in various settings like hospitals, NGOs, and food processing industries. (2 years for Level 5, 3 years for Level 6)
    • Health Records and Information Technology: equips students to manage health information, conduct patient registration, code medical diagnoses, and archive records. (2 years for Level 5, 3 years for Level 6)
    • Community Health: prepares students to manage community health information systems, coordinate community health strategies, and deliver community-based healthcare. (2 years for Level 5, 3 years for Level 6)

Looking Ahead:

We are committed to expanding our offerings and plan to increase our student enrollment to over 2,000 in the next five years. New programs we aim to introduce include:

  • Public Health (Level 5 & 6)
  • Radiology (Level 6)
  • Kenya Registered Community Health Nursing (KRCHN) (Level 6)
  • Community Oral Health Assistant (Level 4)
  • HIV Testing and Counselling
  • Theatre Technician (Level 5 & 6)

We invite you to explore our department and discover how we can equip you with the skills and knowledge to succeed in the dynamic field of healthcare.