The office of the Registrar is an integral part of the institution and is tasked with the following duties which are central to the academic success of the institution, its core mandate:

  • Formulating and marketing of SNP programmes
  • Admission of trainees in various training Programmes in accordance with applicable standards
  • Liaising with the office of the Principal on the accreditation of training programmes
  • Registration of new and continuing students
  • Keeping trainee data up-to date
  • Process and issuance of approved academic transcripts and certificates
  • Advise Heads of departments on classes, enrollment and related trainee data
  • Ensure sound data in the Polytechnic’s ERP system
  • Liaise with sponsors on the welfare of SNP trainees
  • Write recommendation letters for learners
  • Advise management on student enrollment and training programmes
  • Advise students on career choice
  • Ensuring the maintenance of high standards, professional and ethical management of exams and related processes.

The registrar’s office welcomes our stakeholders to this platform and to the institution, we hope to provide you with all of the relevant information you may require in your academic journey as a current and potential student.

We look forward to enhancing our engagement with the entire Republic of Kenya and to consolidate our reputation as one of the country’s most engaged Polytechnics.

The department strives to continually to provide fulfilling customer service to students, parents and our stakeholders through continuous improvement. Our programmes continue to meet market needs in a dynamic work environment with a curriculum that is outstanding; competency based; providing a broad range of experiences and opportunities for learners. Our learners are assessed though various examining bodies.

These include CDACC, KNEC, KASNEB and ICM exams.

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