Human Resource Manager

The main role of the department is to maximize the productivity of the institution by optimizing the effectiveness of employees/staff through provision of the following services;

  • Performance management
  • HR compliance
  • Workplace safety and welfare
  • Discipline management

We coordinate and communicate to the public about the mission of the polytechnic and how we embrace staff, trainers and students as well as parents and visitors in their responsibilities, efforts making important contribution to the overall objectives.

HR department also works together with the relevant departments to create policies; the policy documents contain important information concerning staff employment at SNP. We encourage all staff to familiarize with college policies and other aspects of employment. The public should experience both professional and personal growth as members of SNP fraternity.

The HR department attracts and retains best quality staff and supports professional and personal growth while offering administrative support to students’ learning experience.

As SNP we pride ourselves in ensuring longevity of good technical skills output to students

At SNP student realize their career aspirations through quality training and industry linkages. The institution embraces public private partnerships allied to training such as provision of facilities and goods and services.

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