Mechanical and Automotive Engineering

Mechanical Engineering department is one of the oldest and core to the SNP fraternity, it offers certificate and Diploma courses. It has experienced a series of transition just like the institution did with its strategic upgrade to the level of a National Polytechnic from a Technical High School.

The facilities have also improved over the years to support the growth in student population and advancement in technology. It prides itself as one with the best equipment and leads in production of innovative products that provide solutions to real life challenges; some of its innovations have won best position at the National TVET fair.

Our target is to have 90% of our graduates engaged in income generating activities through employment or entrepreneurship.  In our quest to achieve these great goals, we have won awards in robotics competition and performed exemplarily in competitions organized by AVIC international.

Mr. Aggrey Chanzu

I encourage our students to pursue their passions with focus and embrace the solution that SNP offers them, to our community I urge you to support our work through guidance of the youth to uphold moral values and collaborate with us in the various projects that we undertake for the mutual benefit of the organization and its publics.

We have pride ourselves in having built and produced handwashing units that are operated without touch to mitigate the spread of Covid-19 and improve sanitation. The technology is steadily spreading and its impact is already felt in the society. We are also producing hospital beds which we are exploring as an income generating unit within our department.

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