The deadline for enrollment depends on the intake. The May intake deadline is May 31st while the September intake deadline is September 31st.

One can enroll as a student through our online application form or visit our campus and fill in the Application form physically.

The fees for full package depends on the courses chosen by the student. Our different fee structures are found on the fees section f=of the website.

There is no age limit for registration of our courses, one just has to meet the required qualifications to qualify for a course with us.

Yes, we offer on campus accommodation. We also offer off campus accommodation.

  • Open your web browser (preferably chrome)
  • Once you are connected  type in the URL.
  • You know you have connected successfully when you see the portal login screen.


  • Visit
  • On the bottom right corner, click on Create account.
  • A new page will be displayed
  • Under registration/employee number: enter your Registration number
  • Password: enter a password of your choice
  • Confirm password: Renter the password to confirm it
  • Click submit.

You will be notified that Registration Successful Please check your email for login instruction Click okay and proceed to your Sigalagala Coporate email to confirm Account once you click confirm account you will redirected to log in Dashboard.You can now log in with your Reg no. and password to access your fee status, academic transcripsts session reporting etc.

After you have tried to sign in, click on the “Forgot password?” link located under the login fields on our portal site and you can easily reset your password via Sigalagala Coporate email.

Yes. As long as you meet the minimum computer and Internet access requirements. Obviously you will also need to make sure you have Internet Access from your location.