Fashion Design and Management


This course will equip you with the strategic decision-making, leadership and problem-solving skills you will need to become an entrepreneurial and visionary fashion business leader of the future. 

The course it subdivided into three categories i.e Fashion Design Management Level 6, Fashion Design Technology Level 5, Fashion Design Technology Level 4.

Our Vision

To equip learners with management skills as we enlight its relations with fashion.



This is the entry level to Fashion Design. At Sigagala National Polytechnic we have a wide range of modules for Fashion Design that will give you all the skills and know-how to work within the Fashion Industry.


This course is for those who have had some form of formal training in Fashion Design specifically Fashion Design Technology Level 4. The core of this course evolves around techniques and skills that improves the learners basic knowledge and concepts on Fashion Design.


This is the final module in this course.

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