Diploma Project Management


This course will help equip learners with the skills, techniques, and understanding required for successful project management careers in both the public and private sectors of the economy. Through a combination of theory and unique, hands-on learning experience, the programme allows learners to enhance their management skills and gain a professional edge in the job market.

Our Vision

The knowledge gained will enable learners to be professionals in planning, organising, securing, leading and managing resources and tasks in order to achieve specific organizational goals.



The course content includes:

English Language

Communication Skills

Life Skills

Information Communication Technology


Fundamentals Of Project Management

Financial Accounting

Resource Mobilization

Project Financing


The course content includes:

Cost Accounting
Project Quality Management
Project Procurement And Management
Quantitative Methods I
Project Monitoring & Evaluation.
Quantitative Methods Ii
Project Management Information Systems
Business Plan


The course content includes:

Operations Management
Fundamentals Of Strategic Management
Risk Management In Project
Legal Issues In Project Management
Principles And Practices Of Management
Research Methods
Trade Project (Total Supervisory Unit)

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