This Diploma will give yo a wonderful experience and grounding in the essential secretarial skills. It is a physical and practical course that helps you gain confidence and skills needed for the industry.

Our Vision

To ensure a good secretarial industry in the country by providing skilled and efficient graduates into the secretarial job market.



In this module you will study the following units:

  1. Communication Skills and Life Skills.
  2. Office IT essentials(Computer Studies)
  3. Office Procedures.
  4. Business Writing.
  5. KNEC Exams(Module I).


In this module youu will study the following units:

  1. Marketing Essentials
  2. Office Procedures.
  3. Diary Management and Telephone Skills.
  4. Hotel and Travel Management
  5. KNEC Exams(Module II)


This module contains the following units:

  1. Effective Presentations.
  2. Business Mathematics.
  3. Project Work.
  4. KNEC Exams(Module III).

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