This Diploma course in Information and Communication Technology is specifically designed to provide students with the skills to prepare them for careers in the ICT environment with emphasis on solutions design, software development and technology infrastructure and also provide Students with academic and professional skills to develop solutions requiring the application of technology in a business and organisational context, so as to facilitate response to continuous future changes in technology and industry practices.

Our Vision

The course concentrates on developing your ability to understand a client’s needs for information, systems and services, analysing their business, services and technology requirements and assembling the hardware, software and people resources to respond appropriately.


This module explores the context of computing, starting with your own experience and then exploring issues, conflicts and social changes brought about by ICT. You will be introduced to the social, political, economic and legal context of ICT.
This module explores the wide variety of issues and technologies encountered by ICT managers within user organisations. The module covers structural, procession and contextual areas concerning ICT within organisations. 
This is the last module in the course. This module provides you with the opportunity to carry out a significant piece of work involving critical analysis and reflection to provide an effective solution to a given technical and/or research-based problem.

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