This Diploma is dedicated to fully equip learners with skills and understanding to support Human Resource careers in both private and public organisations.

Our Vision

To change both the private and public sector of the Human Resource sector and make it better.



This module contains:

  1. Communication Skills and Life Skills.
  2. Information Communication Technology and Entrpreneurship.
  3. Financial Accounting.
  4. Business Law.
  5. Office Administration and Management.
  6. KNEC exams(Module I).


In this module you will study the following units:

  1. Quantitative Analysis.
  2. Human and Public Relations.
  3. Labour Law
  4. Labour Economics.
  5. Human Resource development.
  6. business Plan.
  7. KNEC Exams(Module II).


This module contains the following units:

  1. Principles and Practice of Management.
  2. Reward Management.
  3. Financial Management.
  4. Managerial Accounting.
  5. Organizational Theory and Behaviour.
  6. Trade Project.
  7. KNEC Exams(module III)

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