This course is meant for those who have management skills and want to learn about cooperative management from the best lecturers around the country. 

Our Vision

To diversify, adopt and bring new ideas to the Cooperative Management industry and to raise the industry to world standards.



This module entails the following units:

  1. Marketing Management.
  2. Cooperative Law, Management and Administration.
  3. MIS and Computer Application.
  4. KNEC Exams.


This module contains the following units:

  1. Research Methodology and Project Management.
  2. Cooperative Accounts and Audit Statistics.
  3. Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations.
  4. Cooperative Credit and BAnking.
  5. KNEC Exams(Module II)


This module contains:

  1. Cost and Accounting Financial Management.
  2. Researchh Methodology and Project Management.
  3. Non-Credit Cooperatives.
  4. Organizational Communication and Behaviour.
  5. KNEC Exams(Module III)

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