The programme offers the opportunity to complete a research project in our research laboratories, with constant contact between staff and students which creates opportunities for you to comment on, and take responsibility for, the direction of your studies.

Our Vision

To put the Kenyan Analytical Chemistry sector on the map.



In this module the student will tackle the following units:

  1. Analytical Chemistry I.
  2. Organic and inorganic Chemistry I.
  3. Physical Chemistry I.
  4. Mathematics.
  5. KNEC Exams(Module I).


This unit contains the following units:

  1. Analytical Chemistry II.
  2. Organic and Inorganic Chemistry II.
  3. Chemical Quality Assurance.
  4. Chemical Industrial Processes.
  5. KNEC Exams(Module II).


This module has the following units:

  1. Industrial Chemical Analysis.
  2. Polymer Chemistry.
  3. Statistics and Data Quality.
  4. Separation Science.
  5. Project Work.
  6. KNEC Exams(Module III).

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