It is a highly practical course that provides the learners with knowledge designed to nurture their entrepreneurial skills and give them a hint on the  concept and overview of entrepreneurship as a good career direction.

Our Vision

To change the entrepreneurship sector and enlighten the students on the importance of a good entrepreneurial country.



This module will tackle the following units:

  1. Principles of Entrepreneurship.
  2. Communication and Life Skills.
  3. Research, Assessment and Project Evaluation. 
  4. Elements of Marketing and Small Business Law.
  5. KNEC Exams



This ,module contains the following units:

  1. Small Business Finance.
  2. Production and Business Management.
  3. Management concept and organisational Behaviour.
  4. KNEC Exams.


This module contians these units:

  1. Project Work.
  2. Business Ethics.
  3. KNEC Exams.

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