Applied Sciences

Message from Head of Department

What we do.

The Applied Sciences department in Sigalagala National Polytechnic works with internal and external collaborators such as industry and consumer groups to deliver quality education while providing a favorable environment for staff to thrive. Its goal is to recognize, reinforce and promote interdependence among teaching, research and professional practice.

The courses are heavily lab-based with a focus on experimentation and methodical analysis of findings designed to give an excellent platform for future careers in preferred professions either in academic research or in the commercial sphere.

The educational philosophy of the department centers on experience-based learning or learning by doing. The programs include fieldwork, industry visits and internships outside the polytechnic. Practicality, Job Creation and employ-ability are at the forefront of what the Applied Sciences department does; its students bring together scientific techniques with social, ethical and professional dimensions of science.

State- of -the –art laboratory facilities support teaching and applied research. The scientific skills lecturers teach are in high demand in industries and its courses carry professional accreditation from leading bodies (Kenya Medical Technicians and Technologists Board, Pharmacy and Poisons Board). The department’s staff is professional and industry experienced and has a great deal to offer.

The Applied Sciences department is business focused, seeking to develop sustainable partnerships with industry. Businesses also access its excellent and ready-for-the-lab students through placements and graduate recruitment.

Courses in Applied Sciences